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Chicago School Supply
Solutions to Enrich Young Minds

25,000 learning resources to enrich young minds. Next day shipping. 60,000 eBooks available for instant download. Learn more
Office Supply Sanity
35,000 office supply, technology, janitorial, and furniture resources in stock. Free, next day delivery - nationwide. Learn more
Gorilla Industrial
65,000 industrial supply products from 600 tool and equipment manufacturers. Free, next day delivery - nationwide. Learn more
Teaching Safari
Teacher professional development and student field trips in a variety of subject areas. Learn more
Science Fair Sanity
A FREE resource for students and educators to assist in developing award winning science fair projects. Learn more

The Chicago School Supply Philosophy

At Chicago School Supply we make business personal. Our main goal is to get to know you. We want to know your principals and administrators, your teachers, your parents and guardians, your students, your places of worship, your libraries, your day care centers, your businesses, and anything else that comprises the community where you educate your children.
We have all heard the cliché about it taking a village to raise a child. The fact of the matter is it's true! At Chicago School Supply we know that by better understanding your village and the various components that comprise it, we can truly provide your children with the resources that they need to function at their highest possible level.
We would like to meet you and begin that relationship. We are not asking to get married on the first date - that's creepy! We simply want to get together for a cup of coffee. Let's discuss your unique needs and determine if our offerings meet those needs. From there we can slowly build a relationship that is mutually beneficial for years to come.
Thank you for welcoming the Chicago School Supply Family into your community!
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Download eBooks
Download eBooks
Instantly download over 60,000 ebooks for teachers. Go Digital!
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Cultural Field Trip
Cultural Field Trip
Visit Chicago's Chinatown and do more than eat. No chop sticks required!
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Butt Upgrade
Butt Upgrade
Be happier and more productive at work by upgrading your're worth it!
Comfy Chairs
Grow Bacteria
Grow Bacteria
Download FREE science fair project ideas and lesson plans. It's Slime Time!
Free Project Idea
Smash Something
Smash Something
Find the best tool for letting out aggression. Hammers, Sledges, and Axes, Oh My!
Tool Time